Let’s be honest…

We all know who runs the world.

Thank you, Beyonce.

But to be a little more specific, the true world leaders are the moms out there!

Moms do a lot for their families every single day. Who gets up with the sick babies? Mom. Who is the relationship counselor for teenage daughters? Mom. Who picks the kids up from school, takes them to practice and class, brings them to buy the groceries, feeds the dogs, cooks (an amazing) dinner, and then scrubs the dishes? Mom.

Now, there are some rock star Dads out there who do it all, too, and definitely help out around the house. So to you, we thank you for making all those moms lives easier!

No matter what though, there is one ally that always is on every mom’s side: Coffee.

Here are 7 ways coffee can make you a Super-Mom.

1. It’s like a nice hug.

When you’ve had a long, hard day, making a cup of brew just the way you like it is a great way to shrug off the stress.

2. Coffee is good for you!

Among the many health benefits of coffee that you can research, did you know that drinking coffee is connected to being happier? In this Harvard study, women who drank 4 or more cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of becoming depressed. 

3. It’s an excuse for alone time.

Sitting down with a cup of coffee is pretty much the only break most busy working mom’s – ever get. It’s an afternoon excuse to stop what you’re doing to unwind.

4. You can relate to your kids more.

You know that obsession with that certain food or snack they have? The one that they beg for and are in a terrible mood if they don’t get? Yeah. Sound familiar? 

5. Bad day? It’s okay!

Coffee is a simple pleasure you can enjoy even when the rest of your day was terrible. May the coffee be with you!

6. It’s a way to sneak the sweets

The great thing about kids is once they ask what your drinking and you say “coffee” there really is no further explanation needed. Coffee is coffee too children. So go ahead, pile on the caramel and sugar without them even knowing.

7. When sleep is not available, coffee is.

If you are currently raising (or have raised) a toddler, then you completely understand this. Coffee can literally serve as a best friend and a life saver in many moments!


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