Can You Guess What Your Favorite Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality?

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What does your favorite coffee drink say about your personality? It turns out that the type of caffeinated beverage you order can offer some hints about the type of vibe you’re giving off. Check out the 8 personalities of caffeine lovers to discover your java persona.


The Espresso

The shot drinker isn’t like the typical coffee lover. The fact that you order this drink means that you actually like the taste of espresso. You don’t feel the need to dress up your coffee using tons of cream, sugar and extra flavorings. You want the world to give it to you straight! Fans of this drink are optimistic, motivated, and adaptive. 


The Double Espresso

The person who orders a double doesn’t mess around. They want to get where they’re going without interruption. Does this sound familiar? You probably order a double because you want to get the most out of your caffeine break. Fans of the double are efficient, calculated, and highly organized. These are the people the rest of us trust to do our taxes.


The Mocha

Mocha drinkers love a mug filled with good vibes. However, they tend to shy away from the purest expressions of coffee. A mocha makes it possible to get your caffeine fix with just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess to suit your taste. This drink also helps you take a little time out from your day to process all of your thoughts. Devotees of the mocha drink are bubbly and friendly. You will often find them cupping their mugs with both hands while posing for Instagram photos.


The Latte

Latte drinkers like to choose options that are safe and familiar. The latte is like a security blanket that offers warmth and support in the middle of a harsh day. Those soft peaks of foamed milk on the top of a latte are like little pillows that cushion blows from the cruel world. A latte might be your go-to drink if you like comfort, familiarity, and coziness. Fans of the latte tend to also love things like fuzzy scarves and handmade throw pillows.

The Cappuccino

Cappuccino drinkers are warm and friendly. However, they can get lost in whatever experience they’re having at the moment. Do you love a good cappuccino? You probably never notice when there’s a dot of foam on your nose. You like to order cappuccinos because they give you an excuse to duck away for a bit to enjoy long sips. Fans of the cappuccino tend to be dreamers, patient, and relaxed. 

The Macchiato

Macchiato drinkers like to keep things simple. They can often appear reserved or traditional to others. However, you probably know that ordering a macchiato simply means that you know how to stick to a good thing once you find it. The macchiato might be your perfect drink if you simply don’t have time to deal with foam mustaches. Fans of the macchiato tend to be serious and stable. Friends and family members often go to the macchiato drinker when they need good advice.

iced coffee

The Cold Brew

True fans of cold brew know that the current season shouldn’t dictate what a person drinks. It takes some boldness and assertiveness to order an iced beverage on a frigid day in the middle of winter. That’s precisely why lovers of this chilly drink are known to be confident and outspoken. In addition, they like to carry a little piece of summer in their souls all year long. Fans of the cold brew are fun, impulsive, adventurous and color outside the lines.

The Frappe

Who says you have to be an adult just because you’re drinking a caffeinated beverage? The frappe is proof that you can always be a kid at heart. Fans of this drink are playful, carefree, happy, optimistic and energetic. What’s more, they aren’t going to let some calories and sugar bother them! You probably see the world with childlike wonder if the frappe is your go-to drink. Frappe drinkers tend to have big dreams and messy bedrooms.

What Does Your Favorite Drink Say About Your Personality? 

Are you guilty as charged when it comes to matching up with one of these personalities? There’s no shame in loving a full-bodied beverage that embodies who you are. Celebrate your personality with a cup of your favorite style of coffee from Black & Brew! Place an order online or come by one of our locations today!

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