Coffee is such a staple of college that it’s nearly a prerequisite now for admission. Going to a 9 a.m psychology class is like attending a coffee conference; cups and tumblers of all shapes and sizes.

If it’s this popular it must be for a reason, right?

Well, here are are a few reasons why coffee is actually the secret to surviving college:

1. Because it gets you through those morning classes.

And you’re somehow you’re always tired – no idea why!

2. Because coffee shops are where studying and socializing gets done.

Not only is it a better aesthetic than the library, but you are also able to mingle with and talk with classmates or even to meet new people!

3. Because it’s the one thing that will motivate you to do your laundry.

Let’s be honest, we need all the motivation we can take here.

4. Because coffee is great in the morning following a night out.

College is about getting a degree, but it’s also about having fun with friends. You will definitely need a pick-me-up on some mornings.

5. Because it helps with those late-night study sessions during finals week.

Cram sessions and study groups take place every semester. Coffee is a much better alternative to energy drinks so you can stay alert.

6. Because coffee + cute boomerangs = a perfect touch to your IG.

Like any college student, it’s all of our dreams to be Insta-famous!