If you’re planning on getting people together for a business meeting, the location plays a huge role in how effective your meeting will be. You’d be amazed at how much an individual’s attitude, how they engage, and their focus rely on the atmosphere in which your meeting is being held. It’s easy to understand why researchers have discovered that most deals are made in casual environments such as golf courses and yeah, you guessed it, coffee shops!

We figured we would dive a little deeper and explain why you should have your business meeting at a coffee shop.

First off, there’s coffee, and most of the time people will not turn down a meeting at a coffee shop. Even if you do not drink coffee, there are great tea offerings, other beverages, and food to order. Typically, a meeting over coffee is presumed to not take up too much time and creates an inviting atmosphere for both parties to open up.

Not only will people open up more at a coffee shop, but they can also be more productive. Coffee shops often have free WiFi for their customers to use. (Well, at least we do.) This allows for those conversations that are turning into a to-do list to be taken care of on the spot and become a to-done list. There’s no denying that you have some sort of superhuman ability when you open up a laptop and begin working while sipping on an Iced Vanilla Latte in a coffee shop.

One of the best parts about having your meeting at a coffee shop is that they are so simple to organize. There is no need to schedule any reservations ahead of time to ensure you can find a spot for your meeting. All you have to do is agree on a time with the person you are meeting with, and don’t be late.

We’ll tell you what, give it a shot. Next time you are planning to meet someone to discuss business, stop by Black & Brew and then let us know how the meeting goes! If you’re constantly having meetings on back to back days, save your receipt and bring it back in the next day for 20% off your order this month.

See you soon, and good luck with your meeting.